Manual Edema Mobilization (MEM)

Manual Edema Mobilization (MEM)

Course content:

In cases of persistent swelling, especially after orthopedic surgery or trauma to the upper extremities or hands, an overwhelmed lymphatic system can lead to fibrosis and stiffness. The lymphatic system’s pivotal role in maintaining fluid balance often goes unnoticed, despite its significance. Understanding how to effectively activate the lymphatic system for rapid edema reduction can significantly benefit patients, offering pain relief, enhanced range of motion, and a quicker return to normal function.


This course will teach participants the manual edema mobilization (MEM) method for lymphatic decongestion and share some of its key principles that can be immediately applied. MEM is a specialized treatment approach grounded in evidence, specifically designed to alleviate subacute and chronic edema. Participants will gain insights into the core principles and the five essential components of this method. Through case study presentations, we will explore practical problem-solving strategies to help healthcare professionals integrate MEM into their treatment plans, resulting in reduced swelling and improved outcomes for patients with upper extremity and hand conditions. It’s important to note that this method is not suitable for addressing primary lymphedema or lymphedema associated with cancer treatment.

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This course will be taught in English, questions in German, Spanish and French can be addressed.

Course instructor:

Professor Janine Hareau

PHD in Occupational Therapy
OT, PT, Hand Therapist in Uruguay
Director and Owner of CRM – Hand Therapy Clinic in Montevideo
MEM Course Instructor since 2011

MEM illustration on arm

Hand prior to MEM

Hand post MEM

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Course instructor:

Professor Janine Hareau

Portrait Professor Janine Hareau, MEM

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1 day, 9.33 instructional units of 45 min ea.

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New dates to follow.

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CHF 250.–